We hope you enjoy all things about the Ogilvie boys (and maybe a little about the rest of the family too).

Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome Aiden! (and other news)

Before I share photos and stories of our fabulous new baby, Aiden, I have to provide a little pretext to his birth. So I was going along fine, enjoying my time off before the big event, wishing every day that I would go into labor because I was a sore, exhausted, bloated whale, until I had to go pick up my mom at the airport the Thursday before my due date (39 weeks pregnant). I am literally a block away from picking her up, sitting at a stop light, when out of nowhere this limo crashes into me. The force of the impact was so strong that it pushed my Nissan Pathfinder (not a small or light vehicle) into an airport shuttle bus in front of me that also ended up damaged. Needless to say, the 39 week pregnant women went into complete hysterics. An incoherent and hysterical 911 call, fire truck arrival, police brigade onslaught, and ambulance ride later…I spent most of the night in the hospital but everything turns out “okay” at least from the perspective of not pushing me into labor, rupturing the placenta, etc. Although my upper back and neck were killing me and my lower abdomen where the seatbelt was started cramping/contracting. And it turns out that while the baby was head down just the week before at my last OB check, he turned into breech…pretty sure the accident caused it since it was basically like having an external version (which I know, since I have gone through that experience with Evan). The picture the left does not look as bad as it looked in reality. The left door no longer opend and the seats in the back were pushed up from the frame being pushed in. Pretty crazy.

Sooooo....I had a terribly rough week/weekend prior to the birth. I was completely bummed ALL day the Friday after the accident because the baby was now in breech. I broke down in front of my OB at my appt. on Friday. She said I had to schedule a c-section.

As a result...Aiden Peter Ogilvie arrived via c-section on February 11, 2001 at 9:47 am. He weighed 8 lbs.1 oz. and was 19 inches. We lucked out in having another buddha baby. He fusses just a tad more than Evan, but generally is very easy going. He is smiling already and loves to look at all his surroundings. He tends to have a constant look of amazement, which makes him look kinda funny, but we still think he is adorable. Evan is also very wonderful with him. He loves to give him kisses and hugs and wants to hold him a lot. There are many photos on the picasa sight, so enjoy!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting Ready for Numero Dos

Evan turned two on August 5th! We had a wonderful two weeks in Chicago filled with 4 (four!) separate days of parties, cakes and presents for Evan. Needless to say, he was on a sugar high for two weeks. Can you believe he is now almost 2 and 1/2??? Yikes. Where has the time gone. Sigh.

In other news, we are expecting a new addition to the Ogilvie family. The baby is due February 10th (right between my birthday and my sister's birthday!). We are having another boy and are super excited, but Evan has no idea what is coming his way. I am sure he will be an awesome big bro though. Other than a minor incident involving pulling a ligament that was severely painful for a couple weeks, this pregnancy has been much like Evan's and so that is good. Let's hope this one has his head down though! At last ultrasound check it was. :)

Evan is growing quickly. He is talking a lot more these days and asserting his "wishes" more forcefully. We are experiencing a little of the terrible two's. But all in all, not too bad. I am extremely paranoid that Karma will kick in with #2 and I will have many nights of no sleep with screaming baby and all sorts of other shenanigans involving painting walls with chocolate pudding and decorating all of the furniture with band-aids (...umm, yeah I did do those things as a toddler...or so my mother reports).

Evan's first Halloween in which he actually went Trick-or-Treating was entertaining. He did not really get it until we gave him a piece of candy and he suddenly had a come to Jesus moment when he realized that he was getting free candy by looking cute. We went out with Bobby and Connie who have a 3-year old, Justice, and baby Atticus. Evan loves playing with Justice.

Thanksgiving was a blast (other than the strained ligament situation). We drove up to visit Amy, Rich and Drew in Sacramento. Evan had so much fun with Drew that it made us super excited to see how he will be with his new brother!

Check out more pics on Picasa and new polls to the right!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Severely Overdo Update

I know my diligence in maintaining this blog has been worse than pathetic. However, I think I have some pretty darn good excuses for being a slacker - sometimes I feel about how Evan looks in this picture. To say the least, a lot has happened in the last year. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly:
· Economy takes a grueling dive into the asphalt from outer space.
· Aaron laid off with the masses at LifeScan, but has to stay working there until March 2009.
· Julie gets eye laser surgery in February (yay!)
· Evan has his first trip to Hawaii in March (pictures/blog in previous post).
· Slight panic occurs at the realization that the best job prospects are NOT in the Bay Area. An opportunity for Aaron arises in Salt Lake City, Utah instilling further hysteria as our sole research on the area (i.e. HBO’s Big Love) reveals that Utah would not be the place for us.
· Evan starts becoming extremely mobile – lots of crawling around and rolling everywhere.
· We are saved from Utah when Aaron is offered a job in beautiful San Diego with Covidien. Julie is extremely lucky because EDAW has an office in San Diego and they were very enthusiastic to have me transfer down there.
· We put our house on the market at the absolute worst possible time to do so.
· Aaron starts at Covidien in June 2009 while Julie and Evan stay in the Bay Area.
· While Aaron was gone, Julie had possibly the worst month of her life (yes, worse than law school). Here’s why:

o Evan was sick for 3 weeks straight with a fever that hit 103.5 at one point. We made 3 trips to the hospital. He refused to drink any fluids at one point.
o I had to keep the house sparkling for showings, which is nearly impossible with a baby. We had at least 6+ people coming every day to see it.
o I almost killed my cat Bear because she was under the sofabed when I put it back together (mom was staying with me to help out and was sleeping on the sofabed since our guest bed was packed in the garage for showings). More than $800 later for xrays, blood work and emergency vet visits, she ended up being okay with only severe bruising and puffiness (however, this was her 9th life apparently – more below).
o Aaron got sick when he was home for one of the weekends.
o Mom got sick shortly after.
o All of this while I was still working full time and deadlines were naturally crazy during that time. I ended up using all my vacation so that I had to take a leave of absence when we
finally had to move down to San Diego.

· We sell the house and take it off the market.
· We take a desperately needed family trip to Seattle. Pictures are on the picasa site.
· Julie and Evan move to San Diego and we all live in corporate housing for about a week. Evan starts to pull himself up and stand.
· After contingencies are removed, the buyers back out and a fight ensues over the deposit and panic creeps up that it will be nearly impossible to sell an empty house.
· The house is back on the market.
· Luckily we sell again almost immediately and no issues happen with this one.
· We move to an apartment in San Marcos while we look for a house in San Diego.
· Evan has his first birthday! Pictures on Picasa.
· Evan starts walking and saying more words.
· Bear does not return after going outside one evening. Poor Bear-Bear. I made regular visits to animal shelters and we put up signs, but she was never found.

Okay, so now you say to yourself – it has to get better, right?
· Julie gets promoted.
· We find an amazing house in Carlsbad: 10 minutes from the beach and town, minutes from shopping and freeways, across the street from a preserve with hiking and biking trails, large and cozy, and on a cul-de-sac.
· The weather is absolutely perfect here.
· Our friends Amy, Rich and Drew visit over Thanksgiving to help us move.
· The whole family comes to visit for Christmas and we have a wonderful time.
· Aaron and Julie take their 1st vacation together sans family in 3 years to the Yucatan in Mexico.
· Evan is absolutely amazing (‘nuf said).

So now that I have gotten all that out of the way, I will try to be better about posting little stories of Evan (because that’s what we really care about right!) He is currently almost 21 months. He has taken to running everywhere instead of walking. He is stringing together words, like "mama shoe" or "mama juice" when he wants something. We are getting a peak at the terrible twos - he is starting to perfect the Julie-patented stomp and stare. He can read the numbers 1 through 10. He is a pro at eating (but he always was.) And there is lots more to report, but in the meantime, please enjoy the recent photos of him posted on Picasa.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I love kites!

Let's go fly a kite...up to the highest height...up in the atmosphere...up where the air is clear...Let's go fly a kite! It was a beautiful, breezy day this past Sunday. So we strolled to the park and we were happily lounging about, letting Evan roll around and play with his toys. Then the man with the kite arrived! Suddenly, Evan was completely enthralled and super excited. The kite flier was pretty talented - whipping the kite all over the sky, sending it into twirls and spins, and darting it up and down. This is a video of Evan's reaction - you can see his eyes follow the kite all over the sky.

Here is a picture of his total excitement and joy. It's also a great shot of his two teeth!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Pics in Hawaii

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Evan in Hawaii

Chillin with the mom-ster.
I am not so sure about this sand and water stuff. What are you subjecting me to?

Oh OK, maybe it isn't so bad after all.

A hard days work deserves a nice long nap for Evan and Tutu.
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Bink Control Acheived!

Evan now has full binky control, which means that he can find the binky and put it back in his mouth. He can even do this while sleeping! This is a life changing event as we can now sleep through the night on most nights. Also, instead of having to find his mouth with the binky (which is a difficult maneuver while trying to drive with him in the backseat facing backwards), we can just hand it to him and let him do the rest.